The Caliber Fixed Income Fund III LP

Individual Accredited Investors


If you are looking to diversify your portfolio with passive income potential, this fund lends privately on a variety of assets with the possibility to create monthly income. The Caliber Fixed Income Fund III utilizes the experience gained from our previous two Fixed Income Funds to offer our investors the potential to achieve their desired income-related goals.

Potential INVESTOR Benefits

Potential Returns

The fund expects to pay 8.25%* monthly. If you enter into a lock-up agreement, and do not make a request redemption for 12-months, you will receive an extra 1% on top of your returns at the end of the 12-month waiting period, giving you an expected return of 9.25%* for holding.

This fund allows you the opportunity to add to your investment at any time.
Investment in Mezzanine Debt 
These investments can generally be a higher yielding asset in comparison to traditional bonds

While private lending loans can generally be riskier, they are typically faster and easier to obtain than a traditional bank loan. A private loan may also have a greater potential for higher interest rates, and the lender may be more creative with respect to terms and collateral.




Maximum Offering



To provide investors with the potential for above-average income by engaging in private lending activities. This includes, but is not limited to, mezzanine and bridge investment in short-term unsecured notes. 


The fund seeks diversification by lending to, but not limited to, multi-family, hospitality, self-storage, mixed-use commercial and raw land projects.

Target Audience

Investors seeking a non-correlated, high-yield complement to their existing fixed income portfolio.

 We lend privately in mezzanine and short-term, unsecured notes to a variety of developers in a variety of real estate asset classes such as commercial, multi-family, retail and more. 

INVESTOR Considerations

Below are selected risk factors associated with an investment in Caliber Fixed Income Fund III LP.

  • Investments in Caliber private placements can lose entire value, are illiquid and are speculative.
  • Investment involves high degree of risk and does not comprise a comprehensive investment strategy; limited liquidity; no public market; suitable only for sophisticated investors;
  • Investment strategy is speculative; returns are not guaranteed and no assurance objectives will be achieved;
  • Involves unique risks associated with real estate investment, including interest rate risk, tenant and occupancy issues, insurance risks, among others.;
  • Offering is not contingent on a minimum capital raise; Fund may not raise amount of capital that would allow diversified holdings or achievement of investment objectives;
  • May enter into co-ownership arrangements, adding risks associated with the co-owner;
  • Multiple conflicts of interest, including compensation arrangements, incentive fee structures, positions held with affiliated entities, co-ownership arrangements, and the purchase of and allocation of investment opportunities;
  • COVID-19 could have a material impact on the Fund’s investments and operations.

For a more complete discussion of risk factors, view the Caliber Fixed Income Fund III LP PPM and supplement.

* Cumulative, non-compounded return on outstanding capital contributions. The Preferred Return payments are not guaranteed and are subject to available cash flow. Paid at an 8.25% monthly rate with an extra 1% return, payable annually, which may be paid to investors that enter into a Lock-Up Agreement and that do not make a redemption request for at least a period of twelve months.