The Caliber Core+
Growth & Income Fund, LLC

Individual Accredited Investors

Income-Producing Properties | Multi-Family | Hospitality | Mixed-Use
Caliber Core+ Growth & Income Fund, LLC (“Fund”) is a long-term investment opportunity seeking to generate passive income and modest returns for you, by investing in a diversified portfolio consisting of distressed Commercial Real Estate (CRE) properties, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and other alternatives considered to be core or core+ assets.

Our goal is to identify attractive income-producing parcels for you and preserve capital and spread the risk across multiple geographic locations across the Southwest and Sunbelt states.

Potential Benefits

If you are looking to add Core+ CRE (Commercial Real Estate) assets or funds to your portfolio, you may return the following benefits:

  • Investing in our Core+ fund can help diversify your clients’ portfolios by giving them access to offerings not found in public markets, and typically monetarily out of reach for most individuals investors to participate in. The assets in this fund make up different types of properties, geographies, and real estate sectors. Greater portfolio diversification can help your clients reduce risk and provide stability in support of their estate planning goals.
  • The goal of our Core+ CRE fund is to hold assets that can weather economic downturns, market volatility and inflation, while providing you with a steady income stream and modest growth on investment.
  • Commercial real estate has a history of long-term appreciation, even during economic downturns. This appreciation can provide long-term benefits to your portfolio.
  • Investing in our fund gives you access to experienced professionals with years of combined industry experience in investing, developing, managing and dispositioning all types of CRE assets. Our professional management expertise and customer service can be especially valuable for most clients who do not have the resources, experience or time required to effectively manage the processes behind the scenes.
  • Investing in Core+ CRE funds can provide you with numerous tax benefits. For example, one benefit includes depreciation deductions, which can help to reduce the taxes owed on any rental income generated.
  • You expect transparency, and we agree. We disclose our financial information to comply with regulations set forth by our state and federal government bodies.

Difference Between Core and
Core Plus Strategies

Core Real Estate Strategies

Core real estate strategies represent the most conservative blend of risk and return in the private real estate segment. They invest in core properties, which tend to be built exceptionally well, located in great areas, are burdened by very few deferred maintenance requirements, and are income-producing.
Core assets typically hold high-quality tenants already in place with long-term leases. These properties are usually new or very close to new, with minimal capital expenditure needed each year. Investors can expect few—if any—surprises with these assets.

Core Plus Real Estate Strategies

Core plus real estate strategies invest in properties that are very similar to core properties, but, for one reason or another, they don’t quite fit into the most conservative category. They are typically well leased—maybe not leased to the absolute highest quality tenants, as you would expect with a core asset, but the tenant base is still creditworthy and there is likely a history of leasing the property successfully. Most core plus assets are stable, meaning they don’t require the buyer to complete extensive renovations or figure out a way to get from 50% occupied to 95% occupied among other typical challenges that value-add and opportunistic projects face much later once the land is developed, or developing.

The Fund will seek income-producing assets that are typically found in the core and core plus strategies, which are known for their stable returns and lower risk profile.





Current Fund Assets


West Frontier

West Frontier




Riverwalk Overview Drone Shot

Riverwalk Land Leases*


fast pace health

Fast Pace Health Urgent Care*


*The following assets listed are identified as potential projects to live in the fund. These can be subjected to change due to numerous internal and external business variables that can potentially impact strategy, decision-making and other processes.



With your investment, our goal is to generate passive income and modest returns for you.


The fund seeks diversification by purchasing income-producing properties at a discount. Potential property types: multi-family, hospitality, retail, mixed-use classes.

Target Audience

Investors seeking to add alternative investments to their portfolios that can potentially return passive income and modest growth on their investment.

We track sponsors and owners of income-producing properties under distress that need to sell their assets quickly.

The plan is to purchase these assets at below replacement cost, or with existing cash flow requiring only minor renovations and updates.
Market volatility, inflation, and higher interest rates lead to a wave of bank closures and economic disruptions. Many institutions are now facing unstable situations due to overexposure to various asset strategies such as tech, crypto, venture, and other mismanaged assets. As a result, they are feeling the pressure to sell their assets at discounted rates. This provides a unique opportunity for you to acquire income-producing assets at lower rates, with anticipated deal opportunities heading into 2024.

We are looking to capitalize on these opportunities by leveraging our experience and extensive network of allies, both in the public and private sectors, including brokers, politicians, community leaders and industry professionals. This should enable us to move quickly to strike deals as they come.

INVESTOR Considerations

Below are selected risk factors associated with an investment in the Caliber Core+ Growth & Income Fund LLC.

  • Investments in Caliber private placements can lose entire value, are illiquid and are speculative.
  • Investment involves high degree of risk; limited liquidity; no public market; suitable only for sophisticated investors;
  • Investment strategy is speculative; returns are not guaranteed and no assurance objectives will be achieved;
  • May pay distributions and fund redemptions from borrowings, offering proceeds, or asset sales with no limits on amounts it may pay from such sources;
  • May invest in securities that involve a higher degree of risk or have valuations that fluctuate dramatically;
  • Access to debt financing may be limited and subject to rate increases, restrictive covenants, or untimely repayment obligations;
  • Involves unique risks associated with real estate investment, including competition for tenants, interest rate risk, occupancy issues, insurance risks, inflation risk, among others.;
  • Offering is not contingent on a minimum capital raise;
  • Multiple conflicts of interest, including compensation arrangements, incentive fee structures, positions held with affiliated entities, co-ownership arrangements, and the purchase of and allocation of investment opportunities;
  • COVID-19 could have a material impact on the Fund’s investments and operations.

For a more complete discussion of risk factors, view the Caliber Core+ Growth & Income PPM.



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